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Since ARAC was founded in 2001, ARAC Conference has continued to hold as follows
2001 : 1st ARAC Conference in Osaka, Japan
2003 : 2nd ARAC Conference in Guangzho, China
2006 : 3rd ARAC Conference in Taipei, Taiwan
2010 : 4th ARAC Conference in Jeju, Korea
4th ARAC Conference on Oct. 27-30,2010 in Jeju, Korea
Presentation papers Abstracts
The 4th ARAC Conference (mps)
9th ARAC EXCO Meeting at The Lalu Hotel, Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan on
October 27 - 28th, 2011
Presentation reports of each members in 9th EXCO Meeting
1. Adhesive Market Report of Mainland China Michael Yang / Secretary General
2. The Adhesive Market in Japan Takayuki Nogawa / President of JAIA
3. Taiwan Adhesive Industry Recent Market Trend and Technology Development
Jerry Liao / Chairman of TSRAIA
4. Korea Adhesive Market Overview Han-Hyung Cho / President of KAIA