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Consignment works entrusted by government athorities
We are involved in government policy planning committee such as the supporting program for small & medium enterprises.
Promote technical R&D activities
We provide information regarding to developments in adhesives technology, and support research into adhesive manufacturing methods and the implementation of the results of such research.
Environmental safety measures
We investigate and promote a variety of countemeasures to address safety and health issues, along with environmental problems which relate to adhesives industry.
Technical training and education
We provide technical training and education programs for people in adhesives manufacturing industry and their application industries.
Carrying out produstion surveys
The association carries out surveys of adhesive production in every year and publishes the results of these surveys.
International exchanges
We participate in international exchanges and regularly attend the WAC(World Adhesive Conference) and ARAC(Asia Regional Adhesive Conference), and give presentations at these conferences.